FiBreMoD reunites again for the third consortium meeting

FiBreMoD reunites again for the third consortium meeting

Last week was another exciting week in the lives of the FiBreMoD researchers. Another 6 months have passed and the team reunited once more for the 3rd consortium meeting, taking place at the facilities of Siemens PLM, in Heverlee, Belgium.

The week started off with two days (16th-17th of April) of training for the young researchers. Taking the opportunity to be at Siemens, the main focus was on the exploration of the company’s software SimCenter. All researchers were happy with the training, giving a new perspective on the capacities of this software.

The following two days (18th-19th of April) were dedicated to the actual consortium meeting where the supervisors joined the young researchers for their progress discussions. All the researchers showed improvement in their work. 10 out of 13 of the early stage researchers are participating in this year’s European Conference on Composite Materials (, which takes place between the 25th and 28th of June, so naturally the presentations shown were a preview towards the ECCM.

In the end of the meeting, our external advisor Prof. Michael Wisnom, shared his impressions about the project’s development. He stated that the work developed is shaping up to a very interesting format and that the interactions between researchers are a key part in the work progress. We would also like to thank Prof. Wisnom again for his presence in our meeting and feedback on our project’s development.

The consortium will convene again next September for the very important mid-term meeting which will take place at Imperial College London. Until then, keep posted on our twitter account for more updates.