Project description

My PhD project aims to develop a multiscale model which will be able to predict multidirectional composite failure incorporating different damage modes such as fibre breaks, transverse cracks and interlayer delaminations.

While being able to withstand more complex loads comparing to UD composites, multidirectional composites have more complex damage mechanisms due to different laminate structure composition and mechanical properties of each layer along the chosen load direction. Existing models can predict fibre breaks in UD composites or delaminations and cracks in off-axis plies in cross-ply composites. But merging these phenomena is still has a lot of questions.

The main challenge in my PhD research will be to capture the influence of damage in off-axis plies (transverse cracks, interlayer delaminations) on damage in plies oriented along the load (fibre breaks),which will help in more accurate predictions of failure of multidirectional composite.


PhD researcher at KU Leuven (2016-present).

B.Sc and M.Sc., Applied Mechanics, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, St.Petersburg, Russia (2009-2015).

Research interests

Composite materials, finite element analysis, fracture mechanics, numerical methods

Personal note

Apart from research activities I am also interested in physical activities. It is not only different types of sport but also the things like hiking and others. It always helps me with professional activities in the mental way.