Another blog entry! This time from Fabio

Another blog entry! This time from Fabio

Fabio Malgioglio

Another week, another blog post! Check out Fabio's answers!

    • How is it living in a different country?

It is actually great, I live quite close to my hometown and I can go back often to visit family and friends. There are a lot of people with different nationalities and cultures here in Leuven. The fact that they all come from different places make them more open-minded than expected… But I consider myself an European so I would rather answer this question like this: “is it a different country?”

    • What motivated you to be in the FiBreMoD project?

I bumped into the world of composites during my studies and early working experience and I liked it. Soon after my graduation, I realized that I wanted to do research on this topic. The occasion arrived while I was already abroad for an internship and the project proposal was published: I immediately applied.

    • What are your thoughts and first impressions about the whole FiBreMoD project?

What I was seeking as a working experience, was an environment where I could keep learning and growing both in the technical and human sides. This ITN project immediately seemed to me a unique opportunity to gain experience at top level with skilled researchers and professors in the network and an exciting challenge at the same time. I am happy to say that, so far, my first impressions haven’t been proven wrong.

    • Any dream for your future you would like to share?

It’s very difficult question… But I like to say that I’m living one already!

    • If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Reading in your mind… Why? You tell!