Instructions for the second international benchmarking exercise on longitudinal tensile failure are now available!

Several models for predicting the tensile response of unidirectional composites are available in the literature. Each of these models is based on a unique set of assumptions, and formulations vary significantly across the different models. The idea of this exercise is to compare the predictions of different models, not only with each other but also with experimental data. This comparison will focus on the tensile strength and accumulation of fibre damage in unidirectional composites.

Since every model has its own drawbacks and advantages, the goal is not to determine which model is the best. Instead, the benchmarking exercise has three goals:

1. To establish benefits and drawbacks of the different approaches.
2. To establish gaps in literature and aspects that should be improved in the future.
3. To provide a platform for researchers in this field to exchange thoughts and concerns.
In the long term, and depending on the outcome of the benchmarking exercise, the goal would be to further develop the models and move towards more practical and complex applications.

You can download the instructions for this benchmarking exercise from this link.

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